Smoke and CO Detector Requirements

New Jersey requires municipalities to inspect homes for smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and fire extinguishers when a house is sold.  Each town or borough may have more stringent requirements, but the general state requirements are as follows:

  • Smoke detectors. At least one on each level, and within 10 feet of every bedroom door. Different towns have various rules regarding battery vs hardwired smoke detectors, and whether they need to be interconnected. They may also require additional detectors, in each bedroom for example.
  • Carbon monoxide detectors. At least one on each sleeping level, and within 10 feet of every bedroom door. Rules regarding battery vs hardwired are usually not as strict, while combination smoke & CO detectors must meet the regular smoke detector requirements.
  • Fire extinguisher. One fire extinguisher, ABC type, not more than 10 lbs, must be mounted within 10 feet of the kitchen area. Different towns have different rules regarding mounting and placement.

Instructions for setting up appointments and local rules can generally be found on each town’s website.